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$50 Weekend Pack


Get ready to fire up the BBQ and impress your friends and family with the ultimate Aussie BBQ, thanks to our Weekend Pack! This pack has everything you need to make your next BBQ a success. Sizzle up a storm with our mouthwatering Weekend Pack:

1kg BBQ Sausages: Packed with juicy, succulent Australian beef, our BBQ Sausages are ready to sizzle on the grill! These sausages are sure to impress.

1kg Crumbed Rissoles: Made from the finest Australian beef mince, our Crumbed rissoles are perfect for burgers, sliders, or even on their own. They're pre-seasoned for your convenience and will be a hit with everyone.

1kg BBQ Steak: A classic favourite that's sure to satisfy any meat lover. Made from high-quality, fresh Australian beef, our BBQ Steak is easy to grill to perfection on the barbeque.

1 Packet of Economy Bacon: No gathering is complete without bacon, and our Economy Bacon won't disappoint. Made from 100% Australian Pork. 

1 Bag of Sliced Onions: Save yourself the time, hassle and tears with our pre-sliced onions! They're fresh, high-quality and have been sliced to perfection. 


All items in the Weekend Pack are 100% Australian, fresh, and high-quality. Add it to your cart and start enjoying the ultimate Aussie barbeque with your friends and family this weekend!


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