Spit Hire

Throwing a party or gathering?

Impress your guests with our spit hire capabilities, perfect for catering to large groups. And the best part? Our service offers convenience and delicious, juicy meat that is sure to be a hit at your event. We have 3 spits available for hire - including a charcoal spit and electric motor - so you can choose the option that works best for you.

The hardest part of our spit hire service is deciding what to roast for your special occasion. With options such as whole pigs, whole lambs, legs of pork and lamb, beef rump, butt of beef, and whole chickens, you're sure to find something that will please everyone's taste buds. Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate event, or family gathering, we have the perfect spit-roasted meal to make your gathering a success.

Lamb-tastic Spit Roasting

When it comes to spit hire, our lamb spit roast is a standout option for any event. As one of Australia's most renowned meat suppliers for over 40 years, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of high-quality meats, fresh produce,condiments and much more at competitive prices. And our lamb spit roast is no exception. Tender, juicy, and flavorful, it's sure to be a hit with your guests. But why stop at just lamb? You can combine our boneless pork, beef and lamb together into one mouth-watering spit roast bar for an unforgettable dining experience right in the comfort of your own home.

Porkalicious Spit Roasting

If you're looking for a showstopping centerpiece for your next event, look no further than our unique pork spit roast! We offer two sizes of fresh suckling pigs, perfect for any occasion. The 20kg and under pig is just $260, while the 21-25kg pig is $300. Trust us, the delicious, succulent meat and crispy crackling of our pork spit roast is sure to be a hit with all of your guests. And for added convenience we also offer spit hire if you want to give it a crack yourself. We can cook the pork spit roast it for an extra $150, ensuring that the pork crackling is absolutely perfect.

Why Hire a Spit for Your Next Event?

Whether it's a family gathering, a corporate barbecue or a special celebration, our spit hire brings a unique and memorable element to your occasion. From the tantalising aroma to the perfectly cooked meats, having these machines around will guarantee a party your guests will talk about for months or even years to come. Read more reasons to book one for your next event:

Effortless Entertainment

Hiring a spit roaster takes the stress out of event catering. With our professional setup and assistance, you can focus on your guests, not the grill. Enjoy the celebration without the hassle of cooking and cleaning, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable time for you and your attendees.

Versatile Menu Options

With a spit hire, you can cater to a variety of tastes and dietary requirements. From succulent lamb to tender chicken, you can count on our spit machines to cook them to your liking.

Enhance the Ambience

The presence of a spit roaster adds a rustic, engaging charm to your event. The sight, smell and taste of meats slowly roasting on a spit stimulate the senses and create a focal point, sparking conversations and adding an element of theatrical flair to your gathering. No more dull and repetitive parties!

High-Quality, Reliable Equipment

Our top-of-the-line spit roasters are dependable and easy to use, guaranteeing a hassle-free cooking experience. Whether you're an experienced chef or a first-timer, these machines are conditioned and maintained for optimal performance — helping you cook your meats evenly and to perfection.

Cost-Effective Catering Solution

Hiring a spit is a more affordable alternative to full-service catering. It offers the flexibility to source your own ingredients and manage your budget while still providing a high-quality dining experience. It’s perfect for those who want great food without the high catering costs, because now you can spit roast your protein and take care of the sides.

An Unforgettable DIY Cooking Experience

Our spit hire is not just about the equipment — it's about the experience. It encourages a hands-on approach, turning your event into a fun, interactive adventure. Guests can watch and participate in the cooking process, making the event more engaging and memorable.

A Chance to Showcase Your Culinary Skills

Are you a seasoned grill master or simply someone trying something new? Our spit hire provides the perfect stage to impress your guests with your roasting skills. It's an opportunity to create a personalised and delicious culinary presentation.

The Pendle Hill Meat Market Difference

Pendle Hill Meat Market is a family-owned business that prides itself on friendly service and great prices. Our team's diversity is our strength, and it reflects the multicultural spirit of our community. This diversity not only enhances our customer service but also resonates in our product range.

In line with our dedication to customer convenience and satisfaction, we've introduced a home delivery service. Our trucks, servicing areas within a 25 km radius, can deliver our spit machines, fresh meats and meat packs, fruits, vegetables, groceries, small goods and even pet food right to your doorstep. We're more than just a meat market — we're your neighbour, determined to provide quality, convenience and a touch of our family's warmth to yours.

Make Your Event Sizzle with Our Spit Hire

Elevate your next gathering and secure one of our premium spit machines today. It's the ideal way to add a touch of gourmet flair and interactive fun. For a show-stopping, memorable party that your guests will surely rave about, complete the form below or reach out to us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered some of the frequently asked questions we get asked here at Pendle Hill Meat Market. Please get in touch if you have a question or need further information.
We have a range of meats and cuts that will be delicious at the end of the roast! Choose from: Whole Pigs (1 week of notice is required), Whole Lamb (3 days notice is required), Legs of Pork Boned & Rolled, Legs of Lamb Boned & Rolled, Beef Rump, Butt of Beef and Whole Chickens.
A $150 hire fee is required upon booking and a $300 deposit which is refundable on return of a clean spit and all parts are received. You will also need to purchase 2 boxes of charcoal or 5 bags of heat beads—all of which are readily available at Pendle Hill Meat Market.
We do not marinate or cook meat or set up the spit, however, one of our team members will show you how to put the spit together on pickup. You can also request to have the meat skewered onto the rod to save time. The maximum weight our spits will hold is 25-30kg and they do not have a lid.
We are unable to offer delivery so we recommend picking it up using a trailer, ute or station wagon. The measurements are: Length: 133cm (4.5ft), Width: 57cm (just under 2ft) and Spit rod: 164cm (5.5ft).
How much meat should I purchase for my event?
Figuring out how much you’ll need to feed the masses can be difficult, but our experienced spit experts are glad to help. It is best to allow 350g per person and make sure you allow 20% for shrinkage. As a guide, here are some example quantities:

15 People @ 350g each = 5.25kg plus 20% shrinkage = 6.30kg in total
25 People @ 350g each = 8.75kg plus 20% shrinkage = 10.50kg in total
40 People @ 350g each 14.00kg plus 20% shrinkage = 16.80kg in total
Once the heat beads or charcoal are alight, allow the flames to die down and after 40-50 minutes, they will turn a light grey colour. Once grey and the no flames, the spit is ready! When cooking, ensure you have a bucket of water next to the spit to diffuse any small flare-ups caused by fat dripping off the meat by flicking water onto the flame. Continue doing this until a seal has formed on the meat.

On average, 20kg of meat will take 5-6 hours and 10kg will take 3-3.5 hours to cook.
Do you have provisions for spit roaster hire if it rains?
No, you can still hire our spit roaster for use if it rains. Just ensure you use the device in a sheltered area. If cooking in an open space, account for a rainy weather forecast in advance and set up a rig covering to protect the equipment.
What if we have leftover meat?
While it might be tempting to keep your spit leftovers, you should only do this if you follow extra measures to ensure the leftover meat is safe to eat. The reason is while the spit is cooling, bacteria can survive and multiply and produce toxins that will still be present after reheating.

There are measures you can take to have safe-to-eat leftovers. Before cooling down the meat, cook the spit roast thoroughly by ensuring it reaches an internal temperature of at least 63°C. Bacteria will survive if the food is not at least 63°C in its centre. Use a probe thermometer to check the lamb leg or shoulders’ temperature, ensuring the thermometer is clean and sanitised with boiling water or an alcohol wipe before use.

Cool your meat quickly to 21°C within two hours, then to 5°C in four hours. Food not swiftly cooled enough will cause bacteria to multiply. Cutting the meat into smaller pieces will help it cool more efficiently. You can store your leftover meat in the fridge and eat it cold, or reheat it to at least 75°C to kill any bacteria that might reform while it’s warming up. Never leave it on the spit overnight.
What areas is your spit roaster hire available?
We offer home delivery within a 25km range across Sydney and contactless car park click-and-collect in-store at Pendle Hill NSW.

Will you need to visit the venue before we hire the party spit?
We do not need to visit the venue before you hire the spit. Our friendly staff will show you how to assemble the spit during pick up or delivery for your added convenience.

How big is the spit roaster hire machinery?
Our spit roaster hire machinery is 133cm (4.5ft) in length, and 57cm (just under 2ft) in width. The spit rod is 164cm (5.5ft). If you are picking up your spit, we recommend using a trailer, ute or station wagon to have sufficient space.

What are your payment methods for party spit hire?
We require a $150 hire fee upon booking and a $300 deposit which is refundable when you return the spit in a clean condition with all its parts.
How do you create a showstopping pork crackling?
We at Pendle Hill Meat Market have put together a helpful guide on how to achieve perfect pork crackling right at home.

Select your cut of meat — A rolled pork loin is the juiciest cut of meat with the best possible crackling. Alternatively, you can also opt for a rolled shoulder, neck, skin-on pork belly, or pork leg to yield the best results.

Score and dry your meat — Deeply score your meat by making 1cm interval incisions with a small knife. If time is on your side, let the scored roast sit uncovered on the bottom shelf of your fridge for an hour or overnight to dry the rind further and improve the crispy crackling.

Prepare your meat for cooking — Place the pork over a cake cooling rack on the sink and pour boiling water over the pork, so the score marks spread open. Once done, lightly pat the meat dry with a paper towel.

Season your meat — Rub the meat skin thoroughly with a generous portion of salt flakes to add some flavour to the crackling. Ensure the salt penetrates the score marks and into the meat.

Cook your meat — Fix your roast pork onto your hire spit around 15cm away from the charcoal at high heat. The perk of using our NSW spit hire service is that our team will demonstrate how to set up the spit upon arrival. You will need around 2 bags of charcoal or 5 bags of heat beads. The charcoal will add to the smoky flavour of the meat. As you see the crackling start to form across the skin’s surface, pat down any excess moisture with a clean cloth, so no extra moisture disturbs the crunchy goodness of the skin.

Serve and enjoy — Once the skin has bubbled and turned into a golden colour, you have the perfect crackling ready to eat and enjoy with your loved ones.
How do I create a succulent spit-roasted lamb?
At Pendle Hill Meat Market, we have collated a handy guide on creating a perfect roast lamb on a spit to help you wow family and friends alike.

Choose your cut of meat — Unsure of the amount of lamb you’ll need? Our whole lamb weighs around 12kg, allowing bone removal and shrinkage, feeding approximately 36 people. Aim for about 350g per person. We offer the best cut of lamb spit roast for smaller portions — legs of lamb boned and rolled, yielding plenty of tender meat.

Set up ingredients and equipment — Prepare all your food ingredients and other supplies needed. We recommend having extra coal if your spit needs topping up. Opt for a Greek-inspired spit roast lamb, or ‘souvla’, with fresh rosemary, oregano, parsley, garlic, lemon, sliced bread, red wine, salt, pepper, and olive oil for the perfect lamb spit roast.

Season your lamb — Lay the lamb on butcher’s paper, rub it with sliced lemon, and coat its skin with seasoning. Trim any silver skin from your lamb and rub your oil and seasoning into the cavity of the lamb. Consider inserting wine-soaked bread into the cavity to absorb fat drippings and steam the inside. Leave extra seasoning inside and sew it up with butcher’s twine and needle. Making small incisions all over the lamb, insert garlic slices into the meat. Allow the meat to sit at room temperature for 30 to 60 minutes as you prepare the fire.

Prepare the fire — Once your coal has heated up, secure the lamb onto the skewer and place it above the spit.

Baste the meat — Baste the lamb every 15 to 20 minutes while cooking to keep the meat nice and juicy. It could take around 4 to 5 hours to cook a whole lamb. If using a thermometer, insert the thermometer into its leg or shoulders. Once the temperature reaches 63 degrees celsius, allow the meat to rest for 15 minutes before carving.

Enjoy! — Slice, serve and enjoy the meat!

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