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Pick up our affordable and tasty meat packs online, perfect for meal planning or special occasions and suitable for all budgets. Hover over each pack to find out what’s in each, including family favourites such as sausages and rissoles to crowd-pleasers like roasts and chops. For online BBQ meat packs that are perfect for your next family event or to keep in the freezer for a quick and easy summer meal, look no further than the quality meats available from the Pendle Hill Meat Market.

Your local meat store provides an easy online experience

At Pendle Hill Meat Market, we are proud to be moving into this great technological age with the sale of our groceries, specials and meat packs online. For many years, Pendle Hill Meat Market has been a proud local meat store, providing the freshest paddock to table meats for our customers. And with our new online ordering experience, it has never been easier to order quality meats from your favourite supplier.

Order the best online BBQ meat packs

At Pendle Hill Meat Market, a good portion of our meats are homegrown on our farms in the Southern Highlands, so you know you will be buying the freshest Australian quality meat when you decide to shop with us. Our pork and beef products mostly come from our farms so we can not only guarantee the freshness of your meat but also the superior quality you will receive when you purchase our meat packs online. Our meat packs range in both size and price, to cater perfectly to your family’s needs. From a pension pack to a budget pack or one of our fantastic online BBQ meat packs, Pendle Hill Meat Market will provide you with the best products at the most affordable prices.

How to order meat packs online

Ordering online with Pendle Hill Meat Market is simple. You can call us 02 9631 3133 to make an order or you can place your order online and we’ll have it ready for pick up in 2 days from our store or Carpark Contactless Click and Collect. Finding the best quality meats has never been so easy. Trust Pendle Hill Meat Market to become your new local meat store and experience the bliss of tasting fresh Australian meats from a provider that truly cares about where your food is coming from. Shop with us today and order the finest quality meat packs online. 

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