Spit Hire


To Know

Perfect for gatherings of any occasion, our spits are a great way of feeding a large group of people and the meat you’ll receive at the end of cooking is always tasty and juicy! We have 3 spits available for hire that include the charcoal spit and electric motor for a cracking roast. You will need to purchase 2 boxes of charcoal or 5 bags of heat beads—all of which are readily available in our market.

A $150 hire fee is required upon booking and a $150 deposit which is refundable on return of a clean spit and all parts are received.

Please note we do not marinate or cook meat or set up the spit, however, one of our team members will show you how the put the spit together on pickup. You can also request to have the meat skewered onto the rod to save time. The maximum weight our spits will hold is 25-30kg and they do not have a lid.

We are unable to offer delivery so we recommend picking it up using a trailer, ute or station wagon. The measurements are:

  • Length: 133cm (4.5ft)
  • Width: 57cm (just under 2ft)
  • Spit rod: 164cm (5.5ft)

What can

you spit roast?

We have a range of meats and cuts that will be delicious at the end of the roast!

Choose from:

  • Whole pigs (1 week of notice is required)
  • Whole lamb (3 Days Notice Required To Order)
  • Legs of Pork Boned & Rolled
  • Legs of Lamb Boned & Rolled
  • Beef Rump
  • Butt of beef
  • Whole Chickens

How much

will I need?

Figuring out how much you’ll need to feed the masses can be difficult, but with our experienced spit experts are glad to help.

It is best to allow 350g per person and make sure you allow 20% for shrinkage.

As a guide, here are some example quantities:

  • 15 People @ 350g each = 5.25kg plus 20% shrinkage = 6.30kg in total
  • 25 People @ 350g each = 8.75kg plus 20% shrinkage = 10.50kg in total
  • 40 People @ 350g each 14.00kg plus 20% shrinkage = 16.80kg in total



20.00kg whole pig minus 5.00kg for bones = 15kg minus 20% shrinkage = 12.00kg.
This will feed approximately 34 people.



20.00kg whole lamb minus 4.00kg for bones = 16.00kg minus 20% shrinkage = 12.80kg.
This will feed approximately 36 people.

Boneless Pork, Beef and Lamb can be combined onto one Spit Bar. Please ask our friendly team for more information.

How long will

it take to cook?

Once the heat beads or charcoal are alight, allow the flames to die down and after 40-50 minutes, they will turn a light grey colour. Once grey and the no flames, the spit is ready!

When cooking, ensure you have a bucket of water next to the spit to diffuse any small flare-ups caused by fat dripping off the meat by flicking water onto the flame. Continue doing this until a seal has formed on the meat.

On average, 20kg of meat will take 5-6 hours and 10kg will take 3-3.5 hours to cook.

How to create a

showstopping pork crackling

1. Place the pork over a cake cooling rack on the sink. Be sure the skin is scored.
2. Pour boiling water over the pork to open up the score marks. Pat the meat dry with paper towel.
3. If the pork is not on the spit rod, place it in the fridge for 30 minutes. If it is on the rod, allow the meat to air dry for 30 minutes.
4. Rub salt all over the skin and into the score marks.
5. When the skin has bubbled and turned a golden colour, you have perfect crackling.

Enjoy the goodness!

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